Crews Chemicals

At Crews Chemicals, Inc. we pride ourselves on being a business that can build a strong relationship with a company and find ways to solve their problems, whether they be big or small. Since we began in Rome, Georgia in 1991 we have made it a point to provide every client, large or small, with the best possible cleaning service, and solutions, to any chemical need they may have.

Before & After

Here is an example of the tremendous difference that our cleaning services can do. From the filth covered machine on the left, before a cleaning, to the like new condition of post cleaning on the right.

  • Our cleaning technicians do all the work
  • No project is too big or small
  • We bring our own supplies
  • We use our own tested and proved effective chemicals

Our Team

Jennifer Davis
General Manager

Tammie Darden
Production Manager, Chemist

Mathew Johnson
Northern Region Account Manager

Phillip Fountain
Southern Region Account Manager

Chemical Cleaning

Equipment outages are never long enough to perform routine maintenance or to respond to unexpected breakdowns. Cleaning the equipment prior to maintenance or repairs can be a matter of safety as well as improved productivity.

Chemical cleaning makes a lot of sense especially if your time is limited. Chemical cleaners, unlike high-pressure water are thorough, take less time and can reach into the smallest areas. With our services we can work much more quickly then regular pressure wash services to get your machine back to work.