Industrial Degreasers

Crews Chemicals’ industrial degreaser product line offers a full line of multi‐purpose cleaners formulated to remove the toughest organic and synthetic soils, oils, and greases. Products range from light duty, general purpose degreasers to industrial strength. Many products can be formulated to be FDA compliant. Consult your Crews Chemicals representative to identify the appropriate product for your application.

Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, as well as
semi‐bulk and bulk quantities

  • CIT 180
    • General Purpose Industrial Degreaser
    • Formulated for Synthetic and Grease
    • Foaming for Vertical Surfaces
  • FoamClean 70520
    • General Purpose Industrial Degreaser
    • Formulated for Heavy Oil and Grease
  • PR 2000 – Solvent Alternative Cleaner
    • Cleaning capabilities of a solvent based cleaner without the VOC’s
    • pH of 5 – 8 and flash point of over 200°F
    • Available in 275‐gallon totes or 55‐gallon drums
  • JAR 108
    • Caustic based solvent alternative
    • Versatile cleaner formulated to remove adhesive and latex
    • Nonflammable and VOC free

Proper personal protective equipment and ventilation should be used. Consult a Crews Chemicals representative prior to use.